Simply Organized Tips


  • Simply Organized Closet Tip.  Whenever you remove a piece of clothing from a hanger, place all empty hangers together on the same end of your closet (I prefer the left).  Then, whenever you need to find a hanger, they are all together.


  • Simply Organized Closet Tip.  Heard of putting the hangers backwards and checking what you haven’t worn in 3, 6, 9, 12 months?  Some people don’t like to put their hangers backwards.  Instead, buy little hair ties or rubber bands and put them around every hanger.  You can even color-coordinate by season.  As you wear them, remove the rubber-band.  Set a calendar reminder (don’t forget to do this part) for 6 months from now to review all hangers with a rubber band still on them and go through those clothes.  Be liberal about donating such items.


  • Staying Simply Organized Tip. Go through all the magazines in your house tonight. If they are over 3 months old, toss them (whether read or not). You won’t miss them. If you are saving an article, tear out the article (and maybe the cover page), staple it, then put it in the appropriate file or pile to handle that article. Saving it for a friend? Mail it, drop it off this weekend, or arrange for pick up ASAP.


  • Simply Organized Time Saving Tip.  When loading your dishwasher, put like utensils together in the same bin so you can just grab the whole bin and put away in the appropriate slot when clean.