Long-Term Savings Budget Excel Worksheet


Long-Term Savings Budget Excel Worksheet



The SOS Long-Term Savings Budget is necessary to allocate your savings dollars to appropriate categories.  Many people have a savings account; however, without specific purpose for those dollars, it is too easy to find it depleted before you know.  A vacation, insurance, taxes, or other expected and unexpected costs will affect that hard saved money.  This spreadsheet is designed to supply you with varying categories that should be contributed to frequently (monthly) and provide ideas for additional categories that fit your family.  The Totals tab automatically updates the totals in each category and the overall balance of your long-term savings account.  When a category goes red, keep it red and replenish those dollars as you’re able to.  However, with this system, you’ll find categories go red very infrequently.  Always have the money you need for all of those large expenses that surprise all of us.  Christmas, Emergency Funds, DMV, Vacation, Property Taxes, State Income Taxes, and other expenses will be anticipated and the money is ready for those purchases.