Monthly Budget Excel Worksheet


Monthly Budget Excel Worksheet



The SOS Monthly Budget Worksheet is a perfect tool for any individual or family who wants to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck.  Similar to time and space, your monthly income needs a purpose and home to ensure you don’t clutter your bank accounts with overspending.  The SOS Monthly Budget spreadsheet is an easy-to-use monthly budgeting template which guides you through determining what money is coming in and what is going out.  Equipped with instructions for even basic excel users, the spreadsheet is immediately available for use to create a Master Template and then duplicate for each month of the year.  Start with entering the guaranteed earnings in your family (conservatively estimate for inconsistent paychecks) and then create a home for those dollars.  Start with the most important homes, such as rent/mortgage, insurance, childcare, etc.,   Finish with identifying homes for the more frivolous spending (cable, internet, phone) and in between are the other necessary homes (groceries, gas).  The spreadsheet is already customized to balance your account and notify you of overspending on your monthly budget.