Sarah’s process varies slightly depending on the project. A bathroom will look a bit different than an office, but the same general process applies to all projects. You can rest assured knowing that Sarah will provide a structured, yet gentle experience. Working together will look something like this:

I think I need help from a professional organizer!

  • Contact Sarah via email, phone, or via the Contact tab.
  • Sarah will follow-up with a general intake assessment within one business day.
  • Sarah will conduct one complimentary 15-minute phone consultation or in-person consultation (if within 15 miles of Pleasant Hill).

I know I need help from a professional organizer!

Upon scheduling a session with Sarah and arranging for the initial payment, Sarah will arrive at your home and work with you to: Remove all items from the designated space and make decisions on items, specifically whether they are something to keep, something to store, something to donate (or sell on a swap site*), or something to throw away (or recycle or shred).

  • Keep. Put back all of the stuff to keep in a clean, decluttered, and organized fashion.
  • Store. Box up and appropriately label items to store.  You are responsible for putting it away in that new location unless it fits within the defined project and session time.
  • Donations. Bag or box up the donation items and provide a recommendation on where or how to donate.  Sarah can offer both home pick-up or drop off recommendations.   Sarah, at no charge, will provide donation drop-off service of up to three (3) garbage bag size of items approved for donations as long as it takes .25 hours or less.  Any item sold or donated is done so with the final decision being that of the client.
  • Trash. Bag or box up items to be thrown away.  You are responsible for arranging trash or recycle pick-up.  

I am so glad I got help from Sarah!

  • Following the project, Sarah would love for you to rate her services on her website (by sending her an email) and/or on or Yelp! Of course, the best compliment of Sarah’s services is referring Simply Organized Sarah (SOS) to friends and family. 
  • Sarah will use the before and after photos (removing any confidential information) with your approval.
  • Finally, Sarah will follow-up with you to ensure you are still pleased with the space and inquire if there are any other spaces that you could use help on.  Additionally, Sarah offers follow-up or maintenance packages on the same space if appropriate.
That’s it. Simple.

*Sarah can offer some assistance on some good local swap sites via Facebook or Next Door.  She is not affiliated with any of them. You are responsible for handling your own sold items on swap sites. Sarah can provide this service as an additional package or fee. Sarah will never keep any profits from any items donated or sold at any time. Sarah can also provide a general help sheet on selling on swap sites, but note that each swap site has their own rules and regulations to be viewed by the seller.