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Welcome to Simply Organized Sarah (SOS), LLC. Owner Sarah Tetlow will use her creative and resourceful organizational skills to help you free up the things that are cluttering your mind, home, storage spaces, closets, offices, bathrooms and life. Working with Sarah will give you the opportunity to have more quality time to spend on the important things such as your spouse, significant other, parents, kids, pets, garden, or whatever else brings you joy. Sarah recognizes that this is an overwhelming time for you – both in the current state of whatever is stressing you out, as well as the idea of inviting a professional organizer into your personal space. Sarah is understanding and sympathetic to the sensitivity of having a stranger in your home who will be handling your belongings.  Whether you are looking to declutter a single room or your whole home, or you just inherited an aging parent’s documents, items, or estate, Sarah will ease your mind with her conscientious way of handling the most personal of items.  Sarah ensures a gentle, non-judgmental, and confidential approach to each and every client.

Sarah uses teamwork and a hands-on approach, working directly with you to help guide and effectuate decisions pertaining what to keep and discard, leaving you with a more relaxed and enjoyable space that brings you peace of mind. The process of organizing should be pleasurable and not overwhelming. Sarah will help you with that every step of the way.  Being organized is not synonymous with being perfect, so in no way does Sarah expect you to have a perfect space before, during, or even after the process. Rather, Sarah will assist you in decluttering your home, mind, and space – replacing the clutter with a new system that works well for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Her process is unique to each client and project.

Sarah’s goal is to organize your life…simply.

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I am so glad I decided to hire Sarah. I can’t begin to express how much better I feel having opened up some “space” around-me not just in my home, but within myself. I lost my husband (the love of my life) in January, 2015, and it has been a paralyzing process to “let go” of anything; it seems, emotionally, that if I let go of anything, I am letting go of him once and for all. Sarah has been so empathetic and extremely instrumental in helping to lead me through the painful process, helping me distinguish what is really worth saving (for now) and what is useless clutter, but in a very gentle and encouraging way. I appreciate that she is patient and kind; I also appreciate that she’s not shy about letting me know she’s here to get the job done and will allows me to be an active participant – when I want to, or can be. And though I’m not where I envision being overall just yet, it is very nice to know that I can even envision this now and that I have her in my corner for ongoing support to do this. Having her available to coach me through this very lengthy and painful process really helps with my feelings of overwhelm. And though I’ve had some decent help from other organizers in the past, Sarah’s service is truly a cut above and has been a life saver for me.- Kelly N., Pleasant Hill
Sarah is the most organized person I know!- Judy L., New York, NY
As part of running my business, I had a small binder of current client notes on me at all times. My system worked well for me, but it was not perfect and I had trouble finding clients easily in my notebook. While working with Sarah, I asked her for a suggestion to make it better. She immediately had a solution of putting in tabs which allowed me to easily locate clients notes going forward. That system worked for me for years after that.- Matt M., Martinez, CA
I'm in love with my closet; I keep looking at it.- Nicole H., Martinez, CA
I contacted Sarah because my husband and I needed some help better tracking our finances. Sarah spent some time asking about our income and outcome of money. She reminded me of expenses that I wasn’t thinking of in the moment, such as electrical, auto insurance, DMV renewals, etc. She seemed to have a line item anticipated for all expenses. It was a little uncomfortable knowing I’d be very exposed with our finances, but Sarah was someone I instantly knew I could trust and she made me feel very comfortable with the process. After an hour, we had an excel spreadsheet with a master budget template to use and she made duplicating that template for each month easy. I’d recommend Sarah of Simply Organized Sarah to help you establish your budget today! - Jaimie M., Antioch, CA
Sarah helped us with our bedroom layout and it is superb. I want to walk through each room with Sarah to get her input. Her sense of function and aesthetics is wonderful!- Alexandra S., Benicia, CA